Back to School and Everyone is Happy

Back to School and Everyone is Happy

It’s Back to School and Everyone is Happy!

There had not been special classes in Corazal since the new school year began in February as the Honduran government has not been paying many of their teachers. Teacher strikes have continued. When there are strikes, the strikers usually take over the bridges going in and out of town. The other day I was leaving to make the 3 hour drive to San Pedro Sula with another missionary to purchase items not available in La Ceiba. We arrived at the bridge on the outside of town and saw the large group of people on the bridge unfurling large banners. No cars were allowed to move and we were the second vehicle not able to pass over the bridge. We were so close! Only a few seconds early we could have made it! Gathered around the area were several of the national police. We waited hoping that they would break up the demonstration. Many buses were stopped as were many people on their way to work. But after awhile, we turned our truck around and headed back into town as no intervention was made. Flexiblility is an important skill here. Still hoping for a resolve we headed to a coffee shop to wait it out and had a wonderful conversation about God and the powerful way His Spirit is moving during these times. As we both shared the Word of God with each other and what we were hearing in our spirits we were recharged with excitement for ministry. The strike didn’t end in time for us to make our trip, but we began the rest of our day so refreshed and encouraged in the Lord.

But back to the classes……The teachers from Corazal were able to meet with some of the administrators that day and there are now plans for an administrative visit to review the school so the teachers have opened the school again. They are woman of faith and are believing for favor with the government so the children with special needs in that village can continue to receive an education. Without that school, there is nothing else for them. This picture was taken on their first day back. Jeny, one of the teachers had called me early Monday morning to share that classes were beginning. I rushed to get ready and was so happy to be there with them. Please pray with us for those with the Ministry of Education’s hearts to be impacted to resume paying the salaries for these teachers.

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