Running the Race in God’s Strength


Well, it seems like it has been forever since I’ve posted a blog and it has been a while, so I will try to catch up with this one. However just writing about the month of March could be a book. Do you ever have one of those months where at the beginning it would appear to be no way that you could accomplish what is on your calendar and still be sane? Well, that is how my March started, full of good things, including 3 conferences. During the first week I traveled 6 hours to another part of Honduras for a missionary retreat for ministers all over the country. What a fun time of fellowship and such good Word preached on faith, not to mention great food and a stop by Lake Yojoa for fresh caught fish (the ones served with the heads still on)! Then came the Ladies Conference at my home church in the States. I had been looking forward for this for months and was not about to miss it. It was such a blessing for me to be able to return and be with everyone there for such a rich time in the Word. A couple of days after I returned to Honduras my third conference of the month was scheduled, in which I presented on ministering to those with special needs to various churches represented as far away as Guatemala and El Salvador.

But, to make March a little more interesting, during the second week of March it became obvious that I needed to move and to move pretty quickly. There were some issues with the house that I was renting. You may have noticed previous pictures showing leaks all over the house, but even more had surfaced. So, although I had planned to have a week in the States before the Ladies Conference, my departure was delayed and God came through as He does so wonderfully. In one day, I had met with the realtor, negotiated a contract signed the contract and had the keys to my new place and in 2 days was all moved in. I will note here that I have a lot of things……especially with all the educational supplies I have….. a LOT of things. But God! He makes a way where there seems to be no way. I am so thankful for wonderful friends to help too. I moved in and made it to the conference just in time. It all happened so quickly that all my attention was focused on the physical needs of space. But when I was actually in the house and saw where the Lord had led me I was so thankful. There is a room over the garage surrounded with windows which is separate from the house. I was thinking that it would be great to use to work with children and it is but I had not noticed the beauty of the mountains  and the breezes from the ocean. When I am in that room, I think of the scripture in Psalm 23, “He makes me to lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside the still waters. He restores my soul.” Now that we are in April and the schedule is getting a little bit more back to normal, that room is my green pasture beside the still waters. God is good.

I am excited about April. We are beginning a Ladies Bible Study out in the village of Porvenir where I have been working with children. We are in preparation for that. It will be a bi-lingual group of ladies. Please be in prayer with us for this project.  There are several churches in this village but there seems to be a real hunger for the Word and that is what I am so excited about sharing, God’s powerful Word. I attend church on Sunday mornings in this village with other missionaries and it has been an English service. But in the past few months more and more Spanish speaking people are coming and we now have bilingual services. God is doing something.

At our Saturday group this past weekend I received several good reports on our kids. One is about Milagros, who was in the kinder last year. You may remember I bought her some shoes. She was born with spina bifida and medical needs. There were some learning issues and one of them was in her fine motor and handwriting coordination. She is now in first grade and her kinder teacher and I were concerned with her being able to keep up. She has been in class for a month and her teacher says she is the best worker in the class and has the best penmanship. No learning problems at all. I was speechless as I watched her write on Saturday. Her penmanship was beautiful. God is so good. This could only be God.

Also, I had written about Cesar before. His mother has HIV, is very sick and he has a history of malnutrition and disease. When I met him he seemed listless, would not participate in school and I never had heard him speak. I was told he had always been like this. A few weeks ago, while his mother was in the hospital, he had been left to stay in his house alone. Yes, he is a kinder student. About 4:00 in the morning he decided to light a fire and try to copy what he had seen on television. He burned the whole inside of his house, their few pieces of furniture and their belongings, but survived and appears fine. I’m thankful for God’s protection. Recently, during one of my days in the classroom, he came running excitedly into the room, ran up to hug me yelling, “Hola Pamela, Hola Pamela!” As I said before, I had never heard him speak. He is now very social, plays with all the kids, participates in all the class activities and is a completely different child. But God!

I feel so blessed to be here and that God is allowing me to minister to theses children and to the teachers. In a short time, God has already allowed me to see results of our work. I thank you so much for doing your part to make this possible. There are so many needs here, big huge seemingly impossible needs. But with God, all things are possible. He is making a way for these children who without some intervention, both educationally and spiritually, would have no hope. Please know that your support of this work in important and I know is precious in the eyes and heart of our Father.

I covet your prayers that God’s wisdom and power flow through the work of our hands and our words, that God be magnified and that all the plans of the devil against the people and the nation of Honduras be brought to nothing, that this nation rise up in the power of the Almighty God and that a great revival of the Word and the Spirit be in this nation and all over the world. And that as you have given, may God greatly multiply the seed that you’ve sown and His grace and peace be abounding in you and upon you.

Bendiciones!  (Blessings!)


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