A New Time and a New Way to Walk It Out!

That Your way may be known upon earth, Your saving power (Your deliverances and Your salvation) among all nations.    Psalm 67:2

As God leads us on the path of the purpose and call that He has ordained for our lives, the foundation or passion does not change but throughout that path the scenery, at times, does. As I’ve walked with God I’ve learned to keep on walking and trusting Him during those times of change and to push aside those thoughts of wanting to understand all the plan right then. During these days, the Spirit of God is at work with many ministries and individuals tweeking, realigning, reassigning and leading us into new ways that we haven’t walked out previously.

I also have been walking through a transition. I have changed some of my steps during the past several months. Although things felt a little strange at first I chose to follow the Spirit of God and walk it through. During the past 2 weeks while here in Honduras I have experienced some of the fruit and the wisdom of these newly ordered steps. I am one who does not like being “put in a box.” When out shopping with my daughters and one of them says that a particular item doesn’t look like me, I immediately look inward to convince myself to buy it. I don’t ever want to be in a rut or to go over the same steps day in and day out. If I perceive from another that they cannot envision me doing something because of what they have seen me do in the past, something in me rises that wants to prove them wrong. Realizing this in myself, I am disciplined to talk to God about my steps when those feelings overtake me to keep my walk and desires in keeping with His will.

Last year the Lord began talking to me about not maintaining a house in Honduras but to travel back and forth. The detail came out bit by bit. God spoke to me about writing Christian curriculum in Spanish and also about working on a book that He had put in my heart many years ago. The book is to be about raising a child with disabilities in faith and under the authority of the Word. So, in October I did close my house in La Ceiba and began to look at different ways to carry out our work in Honduras in the new steps that God was giving me. Suddenly technology options appeared that allowed me to support and provide for the teachers and schools that God has connected me with. During those times that I am in the States I can easily access tools and resources and then immediately communicate to those in Honduras and also send documents and materials in digital form by internet. To be honest, it has been a challenge of time management and organization to combine this with daily demands while in the States. But again and again, the Lord is showing me His new plan. I must admit that I believe I had my idea of how to do missions in a box. As this year has unfolded I am thankful that I did not stay in that old box.

During the past two weeks I have been able to provide 4 schools with new curriculum packets, training and supplies that I wrote and compiled while in the States. I was also able to give activities to teach the children about God, His love for them and all He has given them.  I now see that with my day to day work in the schools over the past years have given me an entrance and a wide open door to the schools in this area of Honduras. It has also gave me very intimate working relationships with the teachers both in the city, villages by the sea and in the mountains.  I did not totally understand all during my steps of the past 6-8 months, but I did know that I was responding to the leading of His Spirit. At this moment, I feel the awe of seeing another aspect of God’s plan made plain. The vision and the passion is the same. The scenery has changed a bit with the steps. As long as the presence of God is there, the scenery is always full of His glory.

I want to express my deep gratitude for your support of this ministry, both in finances and in prayer. God has given me a vision and instruction but it is only possible with the support and work of those who also respond to His heart. I would like to especially thank you for your continued help during this transition. While we no longer have the expense of a home in Honduras, it takes money for printing and compiling curriculum and also for traveling expenses to reach those in the cities and villages.  We are in a new time. It is a time for God to shine through us. It is not time to shrink back but to move in His strength and wisdom and in keeping up with Him. I pray for God to bless you with His abundant glory and grace in your lives in all areas. May all you’ve given in time and funds be multiplied over and over. Bendiciones! (Blessings!)

Below are some pictures from our recent time in ministry in Honduras. Rejoice with us in His goodness!


I love it when the three of us get together. We plan and put together great things!

Divine connections are the best. Anne Fowler and Iris Carranza


Letter stamps, paper and an ink pad gave these children such joy in learning!

Another precious time with the special school in Corazal!


God placed the desire in my heart before 2001 to provide a library in a Honduran village. Just look He did it and He used us!!! I’m so excited and amazed to see it. God really does more than we can ask or think!

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