Un Nuevo Amanecer

This is Yamileth and Yeni, the teachers at Un Nuevo Amanecer,the Corazal School, with one of their students. I so appreciate their love for the students and love working with them. They are both Christian ladies who are faithful to come every day to teach even though they have gone through months without receiving any pay from the Honduran government. The school is on land donated by the Corazal community and was also built with donations. Yeni and Yamileth, who are single mothers themselves, seek help for more construction and supplies as the Ministry of Education in Honduras does not provide any. They currently are trying to finish two classrooms and two bathrooms. Before this school was here, there was no help for 130 + children with special needs that live in this village. But now there is a place where they can learn and receive love, a safe place. I am helping Yamileth and Yeni with training, resources and in working with the students. There is always a lot of joy and things going on at Un Nuevo Amanecer.Image

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