It is Christmas! It is time to celebrate and share!

December 8, 2012

Christmas is here in Honduras! The Christmas tree in the mall is all up and decorated with huge ribbon and ornaments. Stores are more crowded than usual and during a trip to Diunsa, my favorite store in San Pedro Sula, I was in the midst of many serious shoppers plowing through the bright shiny decorations. The States has nothing in the bling category to compete with the Christmas decor in Honduras. Pretty and shiny. But the season is much more quieter here. much less stressful and more time to spend just enjoying each other. This year I get the best of both places as I will be with my children for Christmas in the States. I’m so excited about returning for Christmas with family and friends but am already excited about returning to my work here. Every day I am thanking God for allowing me to be here and working with the people here.

The rains continue and there are a few buckets positioned in my house to catch the drops that have managed to come through the roof. This is a common problem in La Ceiba during this time of year. The road that goes up the mountain has been a mess. It is like driving on ice and snow in some places because of the deep slimy mud. I have appreciated the 4-wheel drive. Parts of the road have washed away while much of it is a one lane path, but when you can take your eyes off of the mud you get a wonderful view of the Cangrejal River. It is fuller, a little noisier and was beautiful today as I drove up to a village.

As I was driving through a village today, I saw a young man who has some mental and physical disabilities. He has been blessed to be living with a missionary family here. He collects recyclables. What a blessing to see. Usually persons with disabilities are begging at the city intersections and at the entrances exits at the mall parking lot. Here, there is no disability check, no special governmental programs, no Medicaid, no group homes or assisted living. Many live on the streets, are kept in homes because of the shame attached and are taken advantage of. John 10:10 says that Jesus came to give us all an abundant life. He came for them also. This season as we are all enjoying the abundant life that Jesus came and gave His life to give us, let us allow God to us to bring the news of the abundant life to others who aren’t able to experience it yet. Someone came to tell us. It is now our turn! Merry Christmas!

One of my favorite things during Christmas is the huge Christmas tree in the mall. Merry Christmas!

One of my favorite things during Christmas is the huge Christmas tree in the mall.
Merry Christmas!

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