A Week of Serving and Laughter

A Week of Serving and Laughter

Last week Katie Ziegler traveled to La Ceiba with my daughters, Jill and Kenzie and myself for a week on the mission field.
It was a week of serving in the school for special needs, serving in the jungle hospital in Rio Viejo and exploring a new country and culture. Katie, Jill and Kenzie were a blessing to Honduras. Jill and Kenzie shared with Katie where they had spent 6 years on the mission field, introducing her to new foods (sugar cane, frijoles, pastilitos, and banana soda) and sharing experiences of the La Ceiba heat, mountain roads, seeing the horse drawn carts selling bananas and experiencing the Honduran traffic. We also had a fun day of snorkeling off the coast of Cayos Cochinos. Sunblock was essential and all were thankful for it.
We were able to teach in small groups in the school and were so proud and pleased with the student’s participation and excitement. At the jungle hospital, Katie assisted Dr. Martin Williams, aka JungleDoc, with a 6 day old baby, helped in the pharmacy and gave new clothes to a little boy from a nearby village.
A great week with great company and a great time serving a truly great God.

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