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While sitting here at my desk this afternoon I’m taking in the wonderful aroma of a summer rain and feeling so blessed. Seemingly out of nowhere the tropical downpour began. Immediately a coolness replaced the La Ceiba heat and the fragrance of rain seemed heavenly. At church yesterday someone spoke of the fragrance of our sacrifice of praise rising up to the Father. I wonder if it smells like the summer rains. As God has asked of me what would seem to be sacrifices during my life, I have come to discover that from heaven’s perspective God’s requested sacrifice does not result in having to do without but rather it is an exchange for the indescribable goodness of God. It opens the door to walk in His world. 

Throughout the Bible and our lives God is constantly revealing to us that His purpose through us is greater than our and other’s perception of ourselves. That is central in the purpose of Seeds of Love IM. Through our sacrifice and work with the teachers and directly with students God is working through us to help others to realize that all have a God ordained purpose for their lives and have special abilities.

Last week I was at a new school/English project in a nearby village. I was training volunteers that help the children in the village learn English. I had spent some time preparing a power point presentation and hand-outs on the practical information. The power went out in the city just an hour or so before I was to leave. I was so grateful that I had purchased a mini projector with a battery. Technology is so great at times, especially when it works! So, even with the absence of electricity the presentation was easy. This week I will be working with their Kinder program which is in Spanish. I am so enjoying sharing what I have learned and to see the help implemented in the schools here is so rewarding.

Next week I will be meeting with the “school superintendent” for this area. This will open the door for access to all the public schools here. God opens doors and we are seeing those doors open now. I believe that God is also sending others to help so that more help and support can be given.

The picture above was during a recent day in a village school. The students and teachers had never seen learning manipulatives like these attribute blocks. Through modeling we showed how to use these fun things to learn and to bring out the student’s abilities. The students experienced pride in accomplishment. They are learning about their potential.

Thank you for your sacrifice and support to make this ministry possible. If you are not presently financially supporting this ministry, we would ask you to consider a monthly donation to enable us to work here. The need of the people is great.


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