God Will Bring It To Pass!

Indeed I have spoken it; I will also bring it to pass. I have purposed it; I will also do it. Isaiah 46:11

What a rewarding time for us in this part of our ministry! It is a time where many things that have been in my heart for years, almost 20 to be more precise, are coming to pass. Desires that God gave me and I have pursued and prepared for are now manifesting. Our God is faithful. He who began that good work will complete it. What an honor we have to be chosen as co-laborers with Him. I say these things to encourage you who have desires that God has placed in your hearts. He will bring those things to pass in His time and for His glory to flow in this earth.

When I returned to States after my first missionary trip to Honduras, I had a deep desire to return to help the children with disabilities and their parents, particularly those in the villages. At that point I did not have any education in teaching or special education and was a stay at home mom of 4 young children. The following years God guided me into preparation for the future in the ways that I did not realize all that He was doing. Now I am carrying out those things that God put in my heart 19 years ago. I marvel at His work and plan.

Two weeks ago we began a group for parents and children that meets weekly. In our time together I teach them about being a parent of a child with special needs, discipline, education and most importantly, I teach the Word of God to them. I teach them about being in faith for their children, their families and themselves. I share scriptures to  build their faith and so they will know of God’s provision and love for them and His desire and ability to give them victory in all things. We are also able to demonstrate how their child is learning and special techniques to use with them to get them involved in their lifetime of learning.

Having a child with a disability in Honduras can be a cause of great shame. Many churches teach that it is because of their sin that the disability was given to their child. God never put a disability on anybody. Only good comes from our God. We know the Word of God will bring much deliverance, freedom and a new hope for them and their children. We want them to be able to get a vision of the potential their child has and help them reach it.

I also want to share about the Kinder in the picture above.This is Rosa’s Kinder. I am so excited to be working with her school. Rosa is a wonderful Christian mother of 4. She and her family live in the village of Porvenir. Her husband works in the pineapple fields. They do not have much but they walk in faith and have seen God always provide for them. Not only have their needs been met but they continually give to others. Rosa opened a Kinder which now serves over 30 students whose parents are unable to pay. Rosa does not receive any salary or financial provision but simply donates her time and life to the school. Rosa had been teaching the children in her house which is a very small cement block home, but God spoke to a visiting pastor to build a school room for her and they are enjoying it. When I first came to her school I was amazed at her gift to teach the children and guide their learning. The classroom is colorful, fun and full of learning visuals.

Rosa had requested me to come and help her with several students who had learning challenges, including spina bifida, low cognitive levels and fetal alcohol syndrome. Each time she and I are together we have church, excitedly sharing the Word with each other and what God is doing in our lives. What a joy to be able to help a teacher walking in faith for her students. These families have challenges we in the States are not confronted with. One student who barely communicates suffers from learning challenges but also from lack of food. His mother suddenly left the family last year. The little boy is with the father, who has to travel with his job that barely leaves money for food. When the father travels the child stays with his grandmother who does not take care of him. Recently the child went for a week without food. Neighbors and family are concerned but many are dealing with their own lack and needs. Another student who has spina bifida can walk and learn but needs diapers and closed shoes. Diapers are way beyond the mother’s budget and the little girl only has an old pair of Toms that are ripped and split. I plan on buying shoes for her this week, but please pray for these families and the children. Pray as we minister the Word to them that it will be received that they may receive God’s joy as they receive His goodness of care for them.

Again, thank you so much your financial contributions for us to be here. Your giving is an important part of this ministry.

Dios le bendiga!  God Bless You!




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