Give Thanks to the Lord for He is Good!

But giving thanks is a sacrifice that truly honors me.
If you keep to my path,
I will reveal to you the salvation of God. Isaiah 50:23Image

Greetings to everyone! It’s national election day in Honduras. La Ceiba is the quietest that I have ever seen it. Elections are always held on Sundays here so people can travel to their villages and hometowns to vote. This is an important election for the country as there are some candidates and parties with very opposing views. So, we are pretty much lying low until the day is over and all is settled down. For me it has been a welcome peaceful day in the house to pray, be in God’s Word and get caught up on some things like …… writing a blog post.

We are closing down this school year here and have been busy with assessments and using those to plan for next year’s strategies. I’m a planner so I like this part. I would like to thank the precious ones that donated items that I brought back with me in October. I had posted a request in Facebook and several responded with markers, clothespins and matchbook cars. A big Thank you shout out to Pastors Mike and Linda Baskett from Church of the Living Word in Booneville, Indiana for all the egg cartons. This may seems like an odd collection of items, but they are being used to make learning activites for the students that are hands on and fun. First to teach the teachers how to use them. We like fun! And they do too!

This past week it was a joy for me to have Gloria Sloan and Rachel Rapha as guests. Gloria is a missionary here in Honduras however she travels all over Central America and is from El Salvador, Mexico and the States. Rachel is from Singapore. She has served in Korea, Africa, Indonesia, Nepal and the Mid-East and it seems that God is now sending her here to la Ceiba. Also in the picture above is Olguita Lainez, the pastor’s wife here and a dear friend. So, we had several cultures coming together and our fellowship was rich as our hearts were immediately joined in our love for serving Jesus.

This week as we approach Thanksgiving we are more conscious about a grateful spirit. I have been hearing of the freezing temperatures from home and honestly am very grateful for the 70/84 forecasts here. But a big part of my heart will be with my States Christian family on Thursday. I will be celebrating with several other missionaries about 1 1/2 hours up the mountain. Sometimes you see chicken here instead of turkey, but I am planning on Mary Applegate’s Pumpkin Mousse. My mouth is already watering. If you want some, come on down.

Included in the photo collage above is Milagros in her new shoes. I mentioned her in the last blog. She had not been able to go to school since she had no shoes and had a condition with her feet that required a certain kind of shoe. We bought those for her and she is doing wonderfully at school.

I love you and am so grateful that you a part of this ministry with me. The children in Honduras here are strong in God’s heart. We get to be His hands and help to them. If not us, then who? Please continue to pray for me here as I travel to other schools and work with the teachers and students. God is opening doors and I desire to walk in those paths prepared ahead by Him and be a vessel for His love and rescue.

Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving!

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